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Second Course: Introduction to Sparkling Wine

Second Course: Introduction to Sparkling Wine

Sat 11 / 26


Sparkling wine from around the world is fun and festive, always a crowd pleaser, and perfect for celebrating, but it is also one of the best beverages to pair and have on hand as an everyday choice in your cellar. From Prosecco to Champagne, this class will feature three different sparkling wines, ranging in styles, aromas, flavors, and price points! So not to worry, whether you’re sharing at a party or with someone special, there is a bottle of bubbles out there to fit your palate and your budget. Throughout the class, we’ll go over how to taste wine, but also the differences in aromas and flavors between a variety of styles of sparkling wines. We’ll cover how the sparkling wines are made, as well as the regions from where they come and the grapes from which they are made.

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