Welcome to Your Neighborhood Wine Shop!

Located on Glenwood South, The Raleigh Wine Shop is an independent, locally-owned shop that has become a cornerstone of the downtown Raleigh community. Everybody who loves or is interested in wine is welcomed to an atmosphere as bright and inviting as the staff.

We opened the Shop in 2011 with a shared vision to bring a new kind of wine shop to Downtown Raleigh with shelves filled with some of the most exciting wines in the world and a staff that uses their knowledge to assist rather than intimidate. With decades of experience in the food and wine industry, we carefully curate our selection of honestly made, artisanal wines from around the world with a focus on value at all prices – from daily drinkers to some of the most collectable wine in the world. Regardless of price, all the wines on our shelves are made with integrity, and crafted with a sense of place and care for the land from which they came and, most importantly, are downright delicious.

More than just a retail store, The Raleigh Wine Shop is a great place to sample wine or have a glass while you hang out with your friends and neighbors. Although we’ve made accommodations during COVID to keep everyone safe, we’re looking forward to getting back to doing everything we do, including: offering weekly free tastings, welcoming special guests behind the bar, and hosting popup dinners, parties, and other events, both public and private, here in the shop and around town. And, in the near future, anytime we’re open, you’ll be welcome to buy wine by the ounce or by the glass out of the WineStation. Right now, you can buy bottles, cans, and half bottles to enjoy on out on our patio without a corkage fee!

As a customer at the Raleigh Wine Shop, we’re eager to help you discover the wines you’ll love.

Meet the People Behind the Wine

Our hard-working staff loves to talk wine, drink wine, and sell wine – you can read more about them so you can have something to talk about (other than wine) when you come into the store!