Class is in session!

Class is in session!
We offer regular sessions of wine classes with one goal in mind – to increase your enjoyment of wine with a little bit of knowledge. Our fun and educational classes let you in on some of the insider knowledge on the language that wine professionals use, how we taste wine, and information on wine from around the world.  All of this will help you navigate wine lists and wine shop shelves with the confidence that you’ll get the wine you are looking for. Along with our popular ‘First Course: Introduction to Wine’ class, we’re constantly adding and growing our series of classes to allow y’all to continue to develop your wine knowledge and be an educated consumer.

All the Details
For our classes, we wanted to ensure that the personal touches and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from us are maintained. We kept the class size small – 12 people maximum – so you get more of our attention and can feel at ease asking questions, and you’ll leave with an informational booklet which reviews the class material.

Special Price
With five glasses wine, hors d’oeuvres, a original class booklet to take home for further study and instruction by a certified wine professional, these classes are valued at $70 but you can book them for a discounted rate of only $35.

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You can check out the current offering of classes and see live availablity online! Private classes are also available, where you can choose from any of the classes that we currently offer. Just give us a shout or email us to set one up.


Current Class Offerings

First Course: Introduction to Wine
Over the course of the casual yet informative 2-hour class, you’ll taste 5 different wines from around the globe paired carefully with samples of hors d’oeuvres. We’ll walk you through the basics of reading a wine label, pairing wine with food, and understanding the confusing language wine writers often use. You’ll also get unique, custom made class material to take home and review at your leisure. Read more about it and book your class online.

Second Course: Beyond the Basics
If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of wine beyond the basics, this class is for you! We’ll move into deeper discussions and examples of how different terroir, work in the vineyard, and techniques in the winery effects the finished wine. You’ll leave this class with a more in depth understanding of the process of making wine from the vine to the bottle.

To get the most out of this class, we highly recommend you are graduates of our ‘First Course: Introduction to Wine’ or have a good understanding of wine verbiage and the basics of how professionals taste wine.

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Second Course: Wines of Northern Spain
In our newest regional class, we’ll explore these regional differences across the the Northern swath of Spain. From the salty shores of Galicia in the West, to the classic wines of Rioja in central Northern Spain, to the Mediterranean breezes of Penedès in the East, you’ll have a chance to try 5 different wines – sparkling, white, and red – that are all benchmarks of their region. We’ll highlight native grapes that produce wines that speak of place and the small families and wineries that have been crafting wines, sometimes for centuries.

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Second Course: Wine & Cheese Pairing
This exciting journey into food and wine includes a flight of 5 very different wines and 5 very different cheeses from our friends at Orrman’s Cheese Shop in North Raleigh. The course starts with a little information on cheese itself- touching on the styles of cheese and how it’s made. We’ll focus on why certain wines work well with certain cheeses and other foods and general pairing guidelines to make your wine and food taste even better! We will also cover how to build a perfect cheese board or charcuterie plate for a crowd. Read more about it and book your class online.

Second Course: Introduction to Sparkling Wine
Just in time for the holidays, we’ve added a special class all about sparkling wines! Bubbles are fun and festive, always a crowd pleaser, and perfect for celebrating, but sparkling wine is also one of the best beverages to pair and have on hand as an everyday choice in your cellar. From Prosecco to Champagne, we’ll cover how the sparkling wines are made, as well as the regions from where they come and the grapes from which they are made, and smell and taste the differences in aromas and flavors of each of the wines sampled. Read more about it and book your class online.

Additional Courses

Although we have a rotating schedule of classes that are currently available to book your seat now on our website, we’re always happy to provide any of our previous, additional courses for those that are interested. We do not have these classes on our schedule, but if you’re interested in any of the classes listed below, then just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to work with you.  

Second Course: All About Rosé
Second Course: Wines of the Rhone Valley
Second Course: Wines of Piedmont, Italy
Second Course: The Pinot Class