By The Glass

A curated menu of wines we love.

We’ve taken the time to carefully select a rotating by the glass menu for y’all to enjoy at our bar. Grab a glass and shop around, hang at the bar, in our Green Room lounge, or outside on the patio. We also have a rotating selection of beer, cider, and wine cocktails on draft. Just head to the bar to discover a new favorite.

By The Bottle

WINE SHOP PRICES. Hundreds of selections.

Enjoy any bottle, can, or half-bottle you find in the shop, at the bar, around the shop, or outside on our patio and take advantage of the retail wine shop pricing on every one of our hundreds of hand-curated selections, with a $10 corkage fee (waived on Mondays!).

The WineStation


The WineStation is the adult beverage vending machine of your dreams. It allows us to feature a rotating selection of 12 wines at all times, from the everyday to the rare and unique, for sale by the ounce, served at the ideal temperature, and perfectly preserved.

It’s open whenever the shop is so you can enjoy a glass to sip inside while you shop or relax outside on our patio and find a new favorite or have an opportunity to try something allocated, rare, and truly unique.

Daily Specials

to drink with us here or at home

No corkage fee
$1 off all taps
10% off bottles of by the glass wines