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First Friday Artist Series

First Friday with Jonny Gillette

Fri 05 / 5


Join us for a continuation of our First Friday artists series! For our May featured artist, we're excited to welcome Raleigh photographer, cinematographer, director, editor, and writer Jonny Gillette of 'Hey, OK! Pictures' to the shop.

Jonny will be displaying a selection of his photography in the Green Room and throughout the shop as well as showing an art installation on our wall of a video of a traditional Indian concert. Come enjoy artwork while you sip, shop and hang with us this First Friday!


Plus Rachel Custer of 'Home Street Creative' will also be on hand custom engraving bottles to make our great selection of Mother's Day and Graduation gift bottles extra special and unique just for that special person!


Jonny Gillette's Artist Statement

In a world dangerously obsessed with hyper speed rapid development, who can make the most money the fastest, and who is “winning” at all costs, mother nature, both in her preservation and her care, is more often than not overlooked entirely.

In a garden, a scenic overlook, or really anywhere with a taste of unobstructed views of nature in all her splendor, you’re presented with an opportunity to quickly reconnect with precisely what you require in order to slow back down and breathe healthy, meditative breaths that will clear you out and recharge your proverbial batteries.

Flowers have always deeply intrigued me, just as they once did my dearly missed Uncle Randy, who was never palpably happier than when he could be found peacefully ambling down seemingly endless rows of vibrant and colossally fragrant flowers of all shapes, colors, and sizes at a plant nursery close to my hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

I inherited this innate floral glee from that gentlest of men many moons ago, and that sense has only grown more fervent with each year that passes.

Many thanks to the kind folks at The Raleigh Wine Shop for giving me the chance to share my work with all of you!

Event Details

Open to Public
Starts at 5:00 pm
Ends at 8:00 pm
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