Your Cellar

Professional Cellar Valuation
For any number of reasons, the need frequently arises for a formal cellar valuation. Simply perusing the internet for list prices is time consuming, woefully inadequate, and could cost you thousands of dollars. We’re here to help. We’ll thoroughly catalog your entire cellar, bottle by bottle, for you. With this information in hand, we’ll get you up to the minute auction results for your entire collection. Not list prices, not asking prices, but what bottles of wine are actually selling for on the private market. And finally, we’ll provide for you a thorough, legal quality document detailing your collection and it’s proper value. Contact us at 919-803.5473 or e-mail us for rates details.

Professional Cellar Management
Does your cellar need attention? Have things you don’t know when to drink or something you’ve lost track of? We’ll come on site and organize your cellar for you, leaving behind a detailed record in whatever format you’d like. You’ll have an up to date catalog along with drinking windows and serving suggestions.
We’ll also be delighted to help you build your cellar, keeping an eye out for rare and allocated wine including special offers than never reach our shelves. Whatever it is you need, we’re happy to provide.