How we pick our wine

At The Raleigh Wine Shop we make our buying decisions the old fashioned way; we taste the wines. It sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised how rare this is these days. We call on our collective experience to weed out the wines that don’t measure up, and we’ll only bring in those wines that we are truly excited to offer to our customers. We don’t rely on critics’ wine scores to guide our buying decisions, and we have no interest in wasting our time tracking down ‘closeout’ wines that are past their prime. We don’t arrogantly insist that wines must come from people who own property. Artisans can make wine, and artisans can grow grapes – they’re very different skill sets and being great at one doesn’t make you an expert at the other. We refuse to support specific brands year after year regardless of quality. We’ve no interest in trying to indoctrinate our customers.

What we DO spend our time doing is getting to know each of our customers’ tastes so we can help you find what you’re really looking for. We’re passionate about helping you find the right wine for you, whatever the price, and whatever the occasion.

We look forward to helping you find the right wine for you.