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by admin on June 8, 2017

Now Taking Reservations!
Natsuzake: Summer of Sake Dinner
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with Standard Foods & Vine Connections Sake

Tuesday, June 27th, 1 – 4 pm
at Standard Foods Restaurant
$60 per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Reservations Required


We’re teaming up with the brilliant crew at Standard Foods and leading sake importer Vine Connections for a unique and exploratory dinner that is bound to be a highlight of the Summer. We’re breaking the sake barrier – that sake is only appropriate with sushi and Japanese cuisine – and presenting to you an inspired meal cooked up by the Chef Eric Montagne, that highlights this Japanese beverage of choice with the foods we’ve come to love in our own locally focused American and Southern dishes from Standard Foods.

The Sake
It can be surprising how complex and varied sake can be, given that there are only three ingredients involved – water, rice, and koji. Sake, though brewed more like beer, is very much like wine when it comes to the ways it can be enjoyed with a vast array of food. Many of us consider sake as a beverage to be enjoyed with traditional Japanese fair – namely sushi – but the beverage is so much more versatile than that and pigeonholing it to only an accompaniment for raw fish does it a diservice.

doi brewery
Sake expert Jonathon Edwards of Vine Connections is a sake specialist from Chicago and he is quite passionate about his craft. He teaches sake classes and much like us with wine, loves when first-time sake drinkers experience their first ‘Aha!’ moment and fall in love with the beverage. When he is not out and about growing the sake community, Mr. Edwards enjoys jazz, cross country skiing, and a nice glass of shochu – Japanese whiskey. A most charming individual, we are delighted to have him on board at the dinner to take us all on a sake journey to experience our own ‘Aha!’ moments as we explore the bounds of sake.


The Restaurant
Relaunched and thriving to glowing reviews in the fall of 2016 under the guidance of Chef Eric, Standard Foods Restaurant has become a staple in the Raleigh community for their artisanal and local-centric menu.

standard foods crew
They take great pride in being the sole presence of its kind in the Raleigh area – a grocery store meets butchery meets farm-to-table restaurant.

standard foods foodsThey provide shoppers and diners with a unique experience of being able to dine on high quality, ethically raised meats and produce that they are able to buy from the butchers counter and grocery to take home and experiment, or have prepared for them as part of the tasty menu Chef Eric Montagne has cooked up inside the restaurant.

Chef Eric, a native of eastern North Carolina, followed a cooking path that took him from his grandparents kitchen to Colorado and back again. Eric is an alumni of Vivian Howard’s eclectic Boiler Room Oyster Bar in Kinston and of Chef Jeff Osaka’s highly regarded “12” in Denver. Eric’s style of working with responsibly fished seafoods, sustainably raised meats, and other locally sourced ingredients and then crafting them into unpretentious, delicious plates influenced by Southern history and modern technique is garnering more and more praise by the day.

chef eric kitchen
The Dinner

This dinner is our way to showcase the talents of the Standard Foods team and to demonstrate how an ancient and mesmerizing beverage can be paired with foods perhaps considered unorthodox. Chef Eric and his team are excited to bring y’all five sake with four savory courses. Even koji – used in the production of sake – will be an ingredient in preparing some of the items you will find on your plate at Standard Foods. Check out the menu here! We hope you will enjoy these pairings and the company of your fellow curious Triangle diners. Kanpai!

for this unique and intimate dinner of the Summer!

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