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Second Course: Wines that Rock!

Second Course: Wines that Rock!

Sun 06 / 19


Why does a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir from California taste different than one from Willamette Valley, Oregon or even Burgundy in France? Is it the soil, the weather, the winemaker? The short answer is a little bit of everything. The long answer…well, you’ll have to join us for this class. In many of our classes we talk about how to taste wine critically, the idea behind Wines that Rock is to go beyond the basics and discuss why these wines taste the way they do. In this class you will taste 5 wines that will help us explore the intersection of soil, terrain, climate, traditions, and winemaking techniques that make the world of wine so diverse. Let’s see what rocks make wines that will rock your palate!

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Ends at 2:30 pm
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