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Free Sicilian Tasting with Costanza Tasca d’Almerita

Free Sicilian Tasting with Costanza Tasca d’Almerita

Mon 02 / 27


Meet and taste with Costanza Tasca d’Almerita, from one of the oldest and most esteemed winemaking families in Sicily. She will be pouring wine from three of their estates, each from different parts of Sicily, and each of which use their unique terroir and winemaking history to craft singular wines.

Sallier de la Tour - Northwest Sicily
Viticulture with native varietals, such as the white grape Inzolia, has been a focus of this centuries-old estate for many years. More recently, Filiberto Sallier de La Tour started experimenting with more international varietals, most notably Syrah, which has flourished under their diligent care.

Tascante - Mount Etna
There are few terroirs in Sicily as unique and dramatic as the vineyards on the hillsides of Mt. Etna in eastern Sicily, the largest active volcano in Europe. Here the native red grape Nerello Mascalese rules the day with its elegant red fruit and spice.

Tenuta Whitaker - Island of Mozia
Sitting on the tiny 100-acre islet of Mozia around half a mile from the western coast of mainland Sicily, Tenuta Whitaker is the modern re-creation of a vineyard that might have existed some 2,500 years ago. Their Grillo balances the classic age-old grapes and unique terroir with modern winemaking techniques, creating a wine with great depth and elegance.

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