We’re seriously passionate about food here at The Raleigh Wine Shop, so we’re happy to represent quality ingredients from around the world, with added emphasis on local and regional goods whenever possible. We provide a focused selection of food-stuffs that we love to eat and think you will too!

A Sampling of Our Provisions and the People of Create Them

Escazu Artisan Chocolates: Founded in 2005, is one of the few bean-to-bar chocolatiers in the United States. Operated by our friends Hal and Danielle, Escazu sources, sorts, roasts, winnows, and grinds their own cacao beans. They then carefully age and then temper their bars and confections, creating truly artisanal chocolates. We’ve proudly carried Escazu since we opened the shop, and we look forward to many more years of working together.

Extra Virgin’Therapni’ Olive Oil: From a multi-family co-op in the village of Keflas, Greece, just outside of ancient Sparta. In 1995, all 320 of their growers committed to organic agriculture, creating a unique “organic farming pocket.” We sell our oil from a fusti; a stainless steel dispenser that we use to refill bottles. This allows us to reduce costs by buying the oil in bulk, protect it from sunlight to maintain its flavor, and help the environment a bit by only selling you the bottle once. A great all-purpose olive oil with clean, pure olive character, a touch of herbaceousness and a hint of pepper on the finish. Ideal for dressings, sautéing, dipping bread or finishing pastas.




Nello’s Sauce: Based on a family recipe handed down from his Italian grandmother, Neal ‘Nello’ McTigue’s sauces are simple, pure, and delicious. Made locally from scratch in small batches just like his grandmother taught him, Neal’s passion for Italy shows in the sauces he crafts. In addition to his great sauce, Neal’s one of our favorite people – an enthusiastic professor of Italian at Meredith and active member of the local charitable community.


Charlito Cocina Salami: Charles ‘Charlito’ Wekselbaum founded Charlito’s Cocina in 2011 only after spending years learning the craft of charcuterie. He trained formally in the French Culinary Institute, interned with two master-chefs, and performed field research, traveling throughout Europe learning techniques that have been practiced for generations. He makes everything from scratch and uses only pasture raised, heritage breed pork, hand harvested sea salt, and the best ingredients to create his pure, simple, and tasty salami

The Accidental Baker Flatbreads: Established in 2004, the Accidental Baker is a family owned and operated local business. They use premium, whole food ingredients to make delicious, nutritious goodies. In addition to making outstanding quality food, the Accidental Bakers are devoted conservationists that actively seek to protect the natural resources they utilize in creating their foods. Their flatbread crackers are the perfect compliment to our cheeses, meats, and wine.

Beer, Soda & Sake

We have a genuine love of all things fermented, including beer and hard cider! We’re not aiming to have the largest selection in town, but we think you’ll be pleased to find a spectrum of seasonally appropriate, handmade beers and cider from North Carolina and around the world.

Plus in the cooler you’ll find  a growing selection of artisanal Sake stored cold as Sake Masters recommend along with a carefully curated selection non-alcoholic beverages including Blenheim Ginger Ale – one of the country’s best (and spiciest!) ginger ales, Boylan sodas, and locally made cold brew coffee made by Slinghot Coffee Company.