Uber Wok Dinner

by admin on March 9, 2017

Get Your Name on the Waiting List
Über Wok Wine Dinner!
with Carlo Huber of Carlo Huber Selections

Monday, March 27th, 7 pm
at Super Wok
1401 SE Maynard Rd, Cary

Call 919.803.5473 for the waiting list
$50 per person (+booking fees)
Includes tax, gratuity, and transportation!

98b651d8-8937-4d66-86bd-a3bc0bfcb1c5We all love a fancy a wine dinner. Carefully composed and beautifully plated dishes perfectly matched with artisan wines. Sadly, that is not how we eat most nights in our homes, but that doesn’t mean these simple yet delicious ‘everyday’ meals can’t be made even better with the right wine.

For this dinner, we’ll be teaming up with the always charismatic and charming wine importer Carlo Huber of Carlo Huber Selections and the ‘underground’ foodie destination of Super Wok of Cary to bring delight to your tastebuds and show off the versatility of Carlo’s Austrian wines for a Chinese food and Austrian wine pairing that has become a modern day classic.

About the Wines
Native Austrian Carlo Huber, through his importing company, is a staunch advocate for the artisan winemakers of Austria. He’s been steadily introducing American wine drinkers to these balanced and delicious honestly made wines. Carlo’s winemakers, with whom he has developed long-term relationships, create wines that are imbued not just with the character of their region, but also with the energy, care, and respect that was dedicated to them in the vineyard and in the cellar. That is why a number of them have become staples in the shop.

About the Restaurant
Few wines pair better with the bold flavors of Chinese food than Austrian wine, and few restaurants do these flavors better in the Triangle than Super Wok. Their humble decor and strip mall location belies the friendly atmosphere and the quality of the food which makes this place a destination for food lovers looking for quality above pretense. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to experience how this simple weeknight mainstay can become your new favorite eclectic pairing menu.

About the Dinner
Super Wok will be serving a delicious and diverse menu served in three courses drawing influence from some of their most popular and most extraordinary dishes at the restaurant, all done in a family style setting. Large plates will be shared at community tables as Carlo pairs the wines to match and talks about how his wines transform these amazing foods into wonderful pairings. With multiple dishes and multiple wines per course, this is the best value wine dinner we have ever offered!

muller grossman
Taking a look at the menu you’ll see we’ll be trying several different versions of one of the most versatile grapes on the planet – Grüner Veltliner. It will be a true study in how each wine tastes differently based on the terroir and the style in which it is produced as well as the food it is matched with. Plus, we’ll have the opportunity to try a rosé and a red that also show off their versatility and approachability that makes pairing with this menu a true no-brainer.

About the Transportation
Since the dinner is in Cary, you know what that means! A ‘Bubble Shuttle’ will be providing transportation to and from The Raleigh Wine Shop to Cary so everyone can enjoy their evening with the ease of knowing that no driving is necessary. Along the way, we’ll be serving up glasses of Carlo’s sparkling rosé from Tinhof, to cap off our immersion into the wines of Austria. For this dinner, the cost of the transportation is included! So let us know if you’d like to reserve a seat on the bubble shuttle along with booking the dinner.


Call 919.803.5473 to hold your place on the waiting list!

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