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Saturday, August 2nd, 1 – 4 pm

We’re working on a great lineup for this weekend… stay tuned!

All wines tasted are discounted:
10% off by the bottle
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 Meet Stacey Sprenz of


Foggy Ridge Cider

Foggy Ridge Cider
Thursday, July 30th, 5  – 7:30 pm
Free Tasting!

You’ve heard it from us time and time again. When we carefully select wines to carry in the shop, we focus on handmade, artisanal wines that are crafted by people who are passionate about their products and the land where they come from. We’re proud to carry this ideology into the curated selection of artisanal provisions and other beverages throughout the store as well. Foggy Ridge Cider is one of these exceptional producers that create amazing and delicious ciders with the same care and attention to their apples that we expect from our wineries to their grapes.

Diane FlyntIn 1997, Diane Flynt planted a cider orchard in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia and started making crisp, traditional ciders that reflect true apple cider flavors as well as the mountainous region where the apples are grown. It’s not common in the cider world for producers to grow their own apples. Most are bought from around the country, or around the world, from multiple orchards and are then fermented and bottled by a separate conglomerate. Foggy Ridge is one of the few to make their ciders from the same apples that they grow themselves in their three orchards.

Diane is committed to crafting ciders from small batches of apples that are some of the oldest and most traditional for cider-making, including Harrison, Tremlett’s Bitter, Asmead’s Kernel, Dabinett, and Hewe’s Crab – a varietal that dates back to the champagne-like cider made and consumed by Thomas Jefferson.  The varietals are artfully blended and vary from year to year, creating a unique profile for each bottle, just like some of our favorite wines in the shop.

Foggy Ridge Mountains

We’re excited to have Stacey Sprenz here in the shop to share with you the story of Foggy Ridge and to talk to you about what makes each cider so unique in flavor and production.

Foggy Ridge Serious Cider, Virginia, 750 ml ($17.99)
Foggy Ridge First Fruit Cider, Virginia, 750 ml ($17.99)
Foggy Ridge Handmade Cider, Virginia, 500 ml ($11.99)
Foggy Ridge Pippin Gold Port Cider, Virginia, 375 ml ($26.99)

All ciders tasted are discounted:
10% off by the bottle
15% off 6 + bottles (mix or match)